directed by Kaffe Matthews.

Ever felt music through your back? Or slide up and down your legs as it spins round your arms to your fingertips? A Sonic Bed will let you do just that. Stand near one and you’ll hear it, go lie in it and you’ll feel it make another sense, transformed into an immersive and intimate experience.


Music for Bodies is a collaborative research project making new 3D music and physical interfaces for enjoying it directly through your body rather than just through your ears. Its aim is to make and take new music to wider audiences by creating other ways to experience it, acknowledging the entire human animal a listening organism, whilst exploring our perception of sound. Sound traverses the senses, communicating, often subliminally on a molecular as well as energetic level.

M4B explores the human body as map, as score, linking it through space, time and sound to architecture. It experiments with the effects of different audio frequencies on different parts of the body, with the material of surface and design of interface. All ingredients combine to feed the music composition and object design. New composition techniques therefore are developed and doorways opened for new listening to the wider community.

M4B works with an open studio door policy through collaboration with local and global communities and interactive feedback with a multidisciplinary think tank of professionals. It ask the questions and experiments with the outcomes.

How do we perceive music ? How does the context in which we experience it affect our understanding ? Is musical atmosphere a function of time ? Can we stimulate our nervous systems directly with its frequencies so adjusting our experience of the environment void of linearity ? How can we listen ?

M4B documents and makes available all aspects of its research online.

M4B welcomes input from anyone interested. Do contact.