Instrument Lab

Instrument Lab is the roving hub of physical audio research and the centre of interface making for music for bodies. These explorations are collaborative and are based within variously located laboratories, with so far :-

LAB ONE. Annette Works, London, UK. 2006.

LAB TWO. Rich Mix, London, UK. 2006-2007.

LAB THREE. Avatar, Quebec City, Canada. 2007.

LAB FOUR. Tolbooth, Stirling, Scotland. 2007.

LAB FIVE. Lab Alameda, Mexico City, Mexico. 2007.

LAB SIX. Avatar, Quebec City, Canada. 2008.

LAB SEVEN. Ballroom Marfa, Texas, USA. 2008.

LAB EIGHT. Oboro, Montreal, Canada. 2010.

LAB NINE. ISSUE Project Room. USA 2010

LAB TENOutdoor Sonic Interfaces, AudRey, London, UK 2010.

also through a growing network of worldwide sonic furniture.

I. Sonic Beds

1. Sonic Bed_London

2. Sonic Bed_Shanghai

3. Sonic Bed_Taipei

4. Sonic Bed_Quebec

5. Sonic Bed_Scotland

6. Sonic Bed_Marfa

II. Sonic Benches

1. Sonic Bench_Mexico

2. Sonic Bench_Malmö