Sonic Bench

We need to take this music outdoors. Lets build big outdoor seats and benches that play.

Comfortable but concrete. Free, accessible, waterproof, vandalproof. Concrete speaker fabrication essential. Materials scientists, earthquake build specialists, we seek you.

KM.October 2006.

The original Sonic Bench.

January 2007.


OUTER: concrete bench, steel frame, woven mesh seating,

INNER: 12 channel car audio system including 3 sub woofers, 3 bass speakers, 6 mid+tweeter units,

MacMini computer, Max/MSP Java instrument, MOTU Ultralite sound card, 12V electricity.

Commissioned and built in Mexico City, October 2007.

Sonic Bench was conceived by Kaffe Matthews as a public outdoor seat to play music that moves and vibrates under sitting bodies. Fabricated in concrete with a woven mesh seat, Bench contains all the equipment that stores and plays its specially made pieces. The design of the Bench is measured around these requirements with an angled seat causing the sitter to tilt backwards so gently reclining.

100% waterproofing and anti vandal properties for long term outdoor installation are now being developed in the music for bodies laboratory.