Exhibitions and Residencies

18th – 27th July 2014

The lock shift songs Sonic Bed_ScotlandSonic Bed_Marfa and Sonic Bed_London together for the first time, also linked to play as a trio in this immersive installation made by Matthews after her 86 mile solo walk following the Grand Union canal from her studio in Hackney, East London to Milton Keynes.

Commissioned by IF:Milton Keynes 2014 and the Canal & Rivers Trust, OPEN daily at Unit 99, next to TK Max in the shopping centre:mk, Milton Keynes, 10.00-18.00h. FREE.

LISTEN TO The lock shift songs

12th March 2014

In bed with Kaffe Matthews, One to one sessions in Sonic Bed_Scotland

at the Winter Anti-Depression Show, Marres HCC,.

Come have music made and moved under you, tuned for your own requirements. 11am-5pm. Booking essential. INFO.

18th January – March 23rd 2014

Sonic Bed_Scotland at the Winter Anti-Depression Show, Marres HCC, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Playing Bend(2005) by Matthews

Free. Wednesday – Sunday, Noon – 6pm. Booking essential and bed only sessions available.

INFO and contact here.

16th June – 10th August 2013

Sonic Bed_Marfa at the Science Centre, Singapore, in

BIORHYTHM : MUSIC AND THE BODY, at the Science Centre, Singapore.

Inspired by music and how it permeates every culture on the planet, the exhibition will allow visitors to experience, feel and learn how music moves the body and why it is the central part of the human experience.

Open daily, 10am – 6pm. For more info please call 6425 2500.

16th March 2012 – 6th January 2013

Sonic Bed_Scotland

plays Bend(2005) by Matthews and Omnht(1970) by Radigue

daily at ‘Sound Art. Sound as a Medium of Art’ at ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany.

12th – 26th June 2011. Beds in Radigue London Festival

TRIPTYCH : MUSIC OF ELIANE RADIGUE: SOUND AND MUSIC.Two Sonic Beds play specially mixed Radigue works in London through June.

12th – 26th June 2011

Sonic Bed_London playing Transamorem_Transmortem(1973) at Watermans Arts Centre Open daily 10am – 9.30pm.

13th – 24th June 2011

Sonic Bed_Scotland playing Ohnmt(1970) at Rich Mix. Open daily 9am – 8.30pm.

2nd June – 6th August 2011

Sonic Bed_Marfa at Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st Street, (between 10th & 11th) New York in BIORHYTHM : MUSIC AND THE BODY, part of the World Science Festival.

Find out what happens when music and science join forces in a bazaar of interactive sounds and rhythm.

Saturday 4th June:

 WORKSHOP, How to make your own 12 channel Sonic Bed track.


15th September – 15th October 2010

I of IV by Pauline Oliveros and Kailasha, part II Trilogy de la mort by Eliane Radigue remixed and diffused by Kaffe Matthews for Sonic Bed_Marfa from Sonic Bed _London, facilitated by Philip White. Now available for daily lying at Issue Project Room, New York; “Propensity of Sound” event. I of IV creates vertical shafts of light which burst spiking upwards from under the mattress as some 3D topographical meter reader. Kailasha though is curvaceous and enveloping. Wrapping the body in continuously shifting figures of eight.

21st September – 3rd October 2010

Sonic Bed_London (2005) opens near Paris playing Bend by Kaffe Matthews in L’Art Numérique Aujourd’hui


at Le Cube – 20, Cours Saint Vincent, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France Tel. +33 1 58 88 30 00 Fax. +33 1 58 88 30 10 Wednesday 22nd. ‘ How I met an artist ’ – TeZ, Daan Roosegaarde and Kaffe discuss sound and design – facilitated by Florence Pillet, art critic, at Le Cube. 7pm.

20th July 2010 – Now

Sonic Bed_Marfa (2008) establishes an ongoing residency at Issue Project Room, New York, where a variety of composers and artists will make new pieces for it in an ongoing series of commissions. First new works expected to launch October 2010. DETAILS

1st July – 1st October 2010

Sonic Bed_London (2005) opens in Dublin playing Bend by Kaffe Matthews

Biorhythm: Music and the Body, the Science Gallery, Pearse St, Dublin 2

A show exploring human perception and relations to music on more than an audio level.

24th April – 29th May 2010

Sonic Bed_Quebec (2007) opens at Oboro, Montreal, Canada. Playing 4 works commissioned by Avatar and les productions recto-verso.

PORN BED by John Oswald, (Toronto)

GODZILLA by Magali Babin (Montreal)

MOOSE by Georges Azzaria( Quebec) and

MELT INEVITABLE by Kaffe Matthews (London)

1st July – May 2010

Sonic Bed_Marfa(2008) installed at ISSUE Project Room, The Old American Biscuit Factory, 232 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

Currently changing its cover.

Enquire at ISSUE for updates.

23rd – 28th June 2009

Sonic Bed_Marfa(2008) opens at

NO SOUL FOR SALE, a Festival of Independents,

at X Initiative,

548 West 22nd St, New York, NY NY10011, USA. tel 1 917 697 4886

Free and open daily 1 – 9pm

6th February – 26th April 2009

Sonic Bed_London(2005) opens in Enter Action

Digital art exhibition at ARoS, Aarhuus, Denmark.

View the entire show online here

27th September 2008 – April 4th 2009

Sonic Bed_Marfa(2008) opens in The Marfa Sessions : sounds across town. Marfa, Texas, USA .

at Ballroom Marfa, 108 E. San Antonio St. / Highway 90 West, until April 4th 2009

from Thursday – Sunday, 12 – 6pm. Free admission. Info: Tel: 432.729.3600, info@ballroommarfa.org


11th-20th September, 2008

Sonic Bed_Quebec(2007) in

le Mois Multi 9, Le Festival d’Art multidisciplinaire et électronique,

Playing 3 new works commissioned by Avatar and les productions recto-verso.

PORN BED by John Oswald, (Toronto)

GODZILLA by Magali Babin (Montreal) and

MOOSE by Georges Azzaria. ( Quebec)

Outside in the Jardin de Saint Roch park, Quebec City, Canada.

Free daily from 10h to 19h. IMAGES

2nd-26th July 2008

Sonic Bed_London in

Crosswire , NIMK, Amsterdam, NL.

A 5 day production of media in cooperation with the Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, produced by Optofonica as part of [5 days off Festival, from 2 – 6 July in Paradiso and De Melkweg.

Bed available at Nederlands Instituut voor MediaKunst, Keizersgracht 264, 1016 EV Amsterdam, Tel. 020 6237101 www.nimk.nl

every day, 10am – 6pm, free.

Saturday 13th October 2007 – Now

SonicBench_Mexico open atLaboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City. Commissioned by Im_polisfor Transitio_Mx_02 2007, Festival Internacional de Artes Electronicas. Free Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm.

7635 visitors have visited Sonic Bench to date, a permanent outdoor work located in the historic heart of Mexico City. Currently commissions are being planned to make new Bench music for 2008 and onwards. If you are from Mexico and interested in this possibility, please contact us now. Thank you.

Wednesday 10th – Sunday 28th October

Sonic Bed_London

at RADAR festival, Loughborough ; – a Sound Experience at the Charnwood Museum, Queens Hall, Granby Street, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3DU

Open Monday – Saturday: 10am – 4.30pm, Sunday: 2pm – 5pm

Contact telephone: 01509 233754

Friday 25 to Wednesday 30 May

Sonic Bed_Scotland, commissioned by Le Weekend launches at Tolbooth, Stirling. Opening 5.30pm, friday 25th

Then open 10am – 10pm (10am – 5pm out with Le Weekend). Closed 28 May.

March 3rd – April 29th

Sonic Bed_London(2005) opens at “Sound//Bytes”,at the Edith Russ Site for Media Art, Oldenburg, Germany.

Sound//Bytes is focusing on works and artists dealing with sound fragments, sampling strategies or possibilities of generating new acoustic perception through the use of digital technology. Artists include Christina Kubisch, Jens Brand, Annina Ruest, Carl-Michael von Hausswolff Micromusic.

February 22nd – 7th March

Sonic Bed_Quebec(2007) open at Salle Multi, Meduse, 541, Saint-Vallier Est, Québec, QC as part of the Mois Multi festival.

Playing new work “melt inevitable” by Kaffe Matthews.

An Avatar/les productions recto-verso commission.

Open daily: noon – 5pm.

January 24th – February 27th

Sonic Bed_London(2005) installed at Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford, London.

Playing “PluckEhisquare_anti”(2006), by Shri and Kaffe Matthews. A Rich Mix commission.

Open daily: noon – 6pm.

February 6th,3pm @ Watermans

Kaffe Matthews presents, Sonic Beds: what are they all about?

November 10th – November 19th

Sonic Bed_Taipei completed and installed at Zhongshan Hall, Ximen Square, Taipei, Taiwan,

for Aura Spurts, Remoteness Nearby, 1st Digital Arts Festival,Taipei.

Commissioned by ETAT.

October 16th – October 25th

Sonic Bed_Shanghai plays “HORN”, installed at Shanghai Music Conservatory, First Electroacoustic Music Festival,Shanghai,China.

October 18th-Dec 23rd

Sonic Bed_London_MkII at Rich Mix, playing “PluckEhisquare_anti”(2006), by Shri and Kaffe Matthews:a Rich Mix commission.

Sonic Bed_London_MkII was made by music for bodies and produced at Rich Mix 2006.

OPEN STUDIO: Do come by and enjoy this audio jacuzzi, ” a short cut to deep listening” Wednesday – Sunday: 11am – 10pm


October 14th-January 14th 2007.

Sonic Bed_London(2005) installed at Maison Folie de Wazemme, Lille, France. Part of Lille 3000. Playing“PluckEhisquare_anti”(2006), by Shri and Kaffe Matthews.

A Rich Mix commission. Sonic Bed_London was commissioned by Electra for Her Noise, 2005 and supported by the Arts Council of England and Women in Music.

August 9th onwards.

Sonic Bed_London(2005) Artist in residence at Rich Mix Cultural Foundation, London. Launches with a collaboration with Shri to make new Bed work for Lille 3000.

Do come to Rich Mix and get involved.

Contact info@musicforbodies.net for details.

August 31st-September 9th 2006

Sonic Bed_London Award of Distinction, Prix Ars 2006. Bed at ARS Electronica Festival 2006, OK Centrum für Gegenwartskunst, Linz, Austria.


September 1st, 2006, 18.30-20.30h.

Sonic Bed_London receives Award of Distinction in the Digital Musics Category. Award Ceremony at Large hall, The Brucknerhaus, Linz.

July 20th-29th, 2006

Sonic Armchair(1997) at Instrument, FutureSonic 2006 10th anniversary, at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, UK. Admission free. An exhibition of artist-made instruments, noise generators, audio-visual manipulators, and recordings. Featuring artists, experimental composers