The music presented here is a documentation of the processes we and collaborators go through to make music for the interfaces we build. Obviously just to give you downloads of the sounds made would be misleading as you would hear them through your computer rather than feel them through the Bed or thing that we have made them for. Also, you probably won’t get the sub bass frequencies or feel the sounds moving in situ, so defeating a central concept.

Please see LABS for music made in our Worldwide Beds in other countries.

Music made in Sonic Bed_London workshops, UK :-

1. For Sonic Bed_London by the instrument building team, Alex, David and Kaffe during Lab One work at Annette Works studio, Hackney E8. Open to experience on the Bed at mfb Open Day.

2. For Sonic Bed_London at Rich Mix made during residency August 2006 – 2007 through :- a collaboration with Shri, (commissioned by Rich Mix, September 2006) making “pluckEhisquare_anti “.

3. For Sonic Bed_London MkII at Rich Mix through ongoing workshops and collaborations with  :-

Joe Zeitlin , making “doublegrungeLsideNORM”

Lisa, Joseph, TJ, Irene, Rhys from CM , making “Be careful what you wish for…”

Jeremy Keenan, MMus studio composition, Goldsmiths, making “Cerberis Carnis Rex”.

Ed Perkins, MMuscomposition, Goldsmiths, making “Gregor”

Mums and toddlers from St Hildas East Community centre,E1, making “Carl had 3 cats”. 8 mums, 3 dads, 12 toddlers.

Fabrice Mogini, Sound Therapist making ” A harmonic map of the universe”.

with ideas and feedback from passers by.

Think Tanks

The quarterly Think Tanks open music for bodies to a multidisciplinary team of professionals whose skills and practices range across the fields of acoustics, finances, healing, sociology, composition, finances, architecture and the visual arts.