Lab One

January to August 2006 Annette Works, London E8.

This lab kick started music for bodies research, where different approaches ideas and expertise came and thought and experimented, seeking ways to collaborate practically.

Using direct and simple methods we attempted to come to a mutual understanding of the movement/non movement of time in relation to sound and space, to gain an understanding of different frequencies on different parts of the body and to resource our different skills to further understand and so make new pieces for Sonic Bed_London.

“we” the Instrument Lab team comprised:

Alex Haw (architect)

Kaffe Matthews (music artist)

David Muth (programmer)

with a visiting summer input from Mathias Gmachl.

session 1  : February 8th

session 2  : February 15th

session 3  : March 8th

session 4  : March 17th

session 5  : May 2nd

session 6  : May 10th

session 7  : May 11th

session 8  : May 17th

session 9  : June 13th

session 10 : June 21st

session 11 : June 26th

session 12 : August 3rd