Lab Ten

1st September 2010 –

AudRey, London E8, UK.

Lab Ten researches practical solutions for outdoor sonic interface installation, which will see outcome through Yird Muin Starn,

the star gazing shelter project in Galloway Forest, Scotland with artist Mandy McIntosh.

Yird muin starn shelter aims to encourage and enable an encounter with the profundity of space enhanced by a heightened awareness of sound whilst immersed in deep nature. With there being no electricity or maintenance free method of generating it at any YMS site, any sonic furniture, interface or installed audio system needs to find alternative means of running.

With site specific, public health and safety issues also paramount to design concerns, the research falls into threecategories.

1. No Power Interfaces : to design systems that will play acoustically, through resonant chamber and elemental harnessing.

2. Producing Power : to research sustainable means for powering devices out of doors.

3. Sonic Dispersion in the forest : to explore networking systems for dispersing music in the forest.

Investigating satellite coverage so that site specific pieces can be downloaded and listened to by headphone wearing visitors. No cloud downloads, no tracking of listening forest roamers looking skywards, this will be internet free.