Lab Two

August 2006 – 2007: at Rich Mix London E1.


A residency in the street window to:

1. Undertake 2 weeks of Sonic Bed_London research in a public space,

2. Take up a commission from Rich Mix to collaborate with drum the bass musician Shri, making a new piece for the Bed to go be a part of Lille3000 exhibition, France,

3. Build Sonic Bed_London MkII and work with it in the window space at Rich Mix making new music in collaboration with local residents, composers, students, mums and toddlers, a cellist and random passers by.

Rich Mix is a new cultural centre in an adjacent neigbourhood to Annette Works studio and not only more accessible via public transport, but a brilliant new venture with a brief to engage the local community in varied and cross cultural arts activities. With a cafe, cinemas and performance spaces about to open, its a great opportunity to have access to engage and receive input from the public as we work.