Lab Nine

July 18th 2010 to May 26th 2011 : Issue Project Room, New York.

Preparing to move to Eyebeam for BIORHYTHM:MUSIC and the BODY, part of the World Science Festival, 2011.

The artists and composers working to make new pieces for Sonic Bed_Marfa at ISSUE are Betsey Biggs, Bora Yoon, Jesse Stiles, Luke Dubois, Matthew Walker, o. blaat, Philip White, Stephan Moore, Suzanne Thorpe, Zach Layton.

Sonic Bed_Marfa had been playing “Yellow” by Kaffe Matthews here at ISSUE since summer 2009.

Then the superb Lab Nine dawned, enabling Kaffe to come and introduce fundamental Bed composition techniques to nine New York based composers/artists who already have considerable skill with Max and or other software. They had a fantastic time, completing the session with the arrangement that each artist would complete a Bed piece through Summer/Fall 2010, with two of these new works being presented monthly to the public through the ISSUE performance series.

Then come Spring 2011, other possibly non digital composers could be commissioned, and these artists, a.k.a. Bed Guardians could enable them technically where necessary. The fact that new software instruments as well as music will be made is a huge step in the ongoing spread and development of music for bodies worldwide.

This opportunity has been made possible through the generous support and facilitation of ISSUE project Room. Many thanks for your time and encouragement.

Watch out for mfb Stage Two. Finally it comes.

Sonic Bed_Marfa will move to Eyebeam on 30th May for BIORHYTHM: MUSIC AND THE BODY