Sonic Bed Scotland

Sonic Bed_Scotland is a localized version of Sonic Bed_London, and was commissioned by Le Weekend Festival supported by PRSF foundation , launched on May 25th 2007 at the Tolbooth Scotland.

The collaborative nature of the making of this the 5th Bed was further extended through the commissioning of artist Mandy McIntosh to design and make its cushions and covers as well as Kaffe’s sonic explorations with pipers Chris Gibb (border and highland pipes) and Jarlath Henderson(uillean pipes).

Post this trio’s March residency and performance at Bang ’07, Bangor, Northern Ireland, Kaffe was in residence at the Tolbooth, Stirling composing the Bed’s new piece, for the first time treating it as one whole organism rather than a map of individual sonic paths; weaving a lattice of pipe lines, loomlike, with differing speeds in relation to pitch. Mimicking the pipers constant play with tuning , she worked closley with pitch for the first time, as well as rhythms and patterns of the players air flow to determine the overall structure.

Wood research in Falkirk Wood had discovered locally grown timbers, and James Wigglesworth built the Bed from beech, gnarled at points by transverse slices of barbed wire growing through it for the polished caps and steps, with ash veneer for the side panels. We are all amazed and love the stripes.

top page Bed photo: Colin Mearns.

Kaffe in residence at Tolbooth, Stirling from mid May through to the Bed’s launch at Le Weekend.

Sonic Bed Scotland playing Radigue work. London 2011