Visitors Book – Scotland

The Visitors Book, Tolbooth, Stirling, Scotland. May 2007

The vibrations from the sound are very therapeutic!! I could sleep all day!! Amy.

Quite amazing – out of world experience Jean F.

Feel the vibration, hear the sounds, experience the music – total mind blown. Anonymous.

It’s great and I would love one for myself so I can relax. Thanks. WP

Interesting, novel, unique. Sensory sensation but a bit loud at times! Would be good to have visual treats too, ie. art film on ceiling to enrich the experience. Thank you Monica Schlegel

I just wanted to say I loved it. Navevir

Quite an experience. I could have stayed there for hours. Damian

It was like sitting in the back seat of a chav’s XR3 with the bass booming (I am from Essex so I can confirm this is well the case) James

It is very relaxing. I almost want to sleep. A.D

We had a lot of fun. We also screamed too much and were sent out! Anna, age 9

Thank you very much for creating something that allows those who don’t like loud and particularly bass orientated musics to experience bass for what it is. Lovely spectrum of sonic experience created. Pasty