Session 1

Feb 8th, 2006


We decided to focus on the central outcome of the first Think Tank which was to concentrate on the Sonic Bed as the interface to develop and to make new compositions for.

Kaffe was critical of Bed’s composition for the Electra show, South London Gallery show November 2005. All things considered, the piece had worked well, and as the inaugural work for Bed, combined with its visual aesthetic, the choice of theremin tones as sonic content was strong and was agreed to be used as sonic content for our new work.

However, she commented on the fact that the reviews, although often favorable, talked about the pleasure of feeling sounds floating around rather than perceiving the work as a piece of music. There is this aspect to the work, random elements are involved in the software that plays it, but Kaffe now wants to make a structured piece, that uses some kind of architectural framework within which to present, shape, and move sounds. Agreed.

Attempt to build some kind of sonic piece formed through spatialized structures.

How to do? How to document?

Could video be used to record the effects of combining different tones and observing their effect in different locations in the bed?


the mattress was removed, and the woofers repositioned, experimenting with i) a board on top of the woofer, and its effect. ii) Sitting on top of the woofer iii) Feet on the woofer, whilst changing a single frequency from 0 to 200Hz.