Session 4

March 17th, 2006.

Present :- David, Alex, Kaffe.


Alex presented diagrams suggesting musical structures which could be made based around frequency effects on the energy centres of the body tested as discussed.

Agreed that we needed to move the sub woofers following Kaffe’s observations that 95% of visitors to the bed, if they come alone, will flop down in its centre and not move, even though there are obviously different vibrations moving around them.

A bed seems to invoke a completely passive response from participants. They will lie there static, their bodies seeming to take over saying “give it to me”. Centralized woofer locations therefore, unlike Kaffe’s original layout, will surely do that.


To use but play intuitively with combining results of what has been gathered so far. Ultimate outcome to make a piece


Removed the mattress and realigned the sub woofers more centrally down the bed. Due to linking of woofers because of amplifier restrictions, they were laid out as follows: 1. a woofer under shoulders/chest. 2. a woofer under butt. 3. a pair split under arms. 4. a pair split under backs of calves/heels.

Took it in in turns to play and experience and document.



  1. Creating a standing wave between arms and legs completely localized/made physical the sensation of the body. Then playing a spinning high frequency around the body via the tweeters, completely opened up a sense of space beyond and its dimensions, quite specifically.
  2. A standing wave created between 23 and 24Hz moving from legs up to butt then shoulders and repeated was fabulous whilst a lo of 18hz was played under the arms.