Session 6

May 10th, 2006

Present : David, Alex, Kaffe.

we talk and talk.

we have concluded that we will stop the node experiments and make a piece for the bed.

How? we still try to find a language that communicates and it’s slow. How far can the Bed go in terms of space and size and form? an undulating sense of form, coherent as a sense of landscape, an active bass presence, things to drop and dive. Need higher frequencies therefore than just the ones we feel to lift us above and take us into..

Geometry and frequency. Can we use relationships between geometrical patterns and frequencies to create shapes for scores? But how might this shape move? does it have to move or can it just exist? Can we create it without having to unfold it? With no repetition, and no sense of a journey? More that it just is there? That it is there as sound?

Can we lose a linear sense of time yet have some control over how a piece is shaped and moves?