Session 9

June 13th 2006

Present: David and Kaffe

We prepare for Saturday’s Open Day.


To install both Sonic Armchairs in y space, Sonic Armchair playing “for Doris Whincopp”(1998) and Red Chair playing “Drop Time”(2000). Rearrange the studio for visitors and set up Bed software to be be more user friendly. The Peavey 1600 is programmed to be as useful a controller for guests that it can be, considering that it only has 8 bit sliders and outputs clumsy old pal MIDI. However, this is better than nothing as a physical interface to play the Bed is likely to make rising and falling tone playing for visitors more accessible than just the mouse.

A menu of refreshments including summer fruits, tea and biscuits is also agreed, with a list of helpers to call upon.