Bed at Rich Mix

August 15th-28th, 2006 . The Glass Room, Rich Mix.

A rare treat to be an artist in residence in your home town and the step from artist ghetto into public space is vital and just the thing we need to be doing with Sonic Bed.

Somehow the move causes the worst electrical problem, an intermittent one, but the new show CAR here is serenaded by a car sound system and the night that our problem appears, so does Fahim, the guy who installed it. Sweet fortune. He comes with a team a few nights later and together we troubleshoot and agree itm is intermittent, develop all kinds of theories, and kaffe just has to come in early the next morning, rewire the whole thing and bingo, its solved. a brutal but tiny short.

time time to spend a couple of weeks playing the Bed as instrument before prepping and packing for ARS Electronica.

Have decided to take the 6 mono woofer, 6 mid+tweeter version of Bed rather than the original 4 woofer, 8mid+tweeter combo that won the prize. No one except David and I would notice anyway i’m sure. I mean, this version has much more effect than the other, is much more fluent to play and is also rewired to do it. I also decide to “remaster” and reprocess some of the sounds used.

This time a new computer has to be aquired to run it + some research advises that miniMac could well be the best solution. we get the fattest Intel core duo version and after David does some successful fiddling to get Max 4.6 (just out of beta state) to perform, there’s another tweak with our Java interface and slam, what a success. miniMac is so fast, makes the g4 laptop seem a snail.