Visitors Book – London

Sonic Bed_London MkII

August 2006-February 2007.

In residence at Rich Mix Bethnal Green Road, London E1.


January 2007

It’s like jumping into clouds. Reuben Abbott age 10.

In water, people carrying me. Ella age 7.

I didn’t want to get out, like internal massage plus laughter. Gorgeously relaxing. Sandy.

It’s the feeling of the tube when I was a boy of 7. Luke.

It was as if the music, well some of it, was being heard more so through the body than the ears. Very therapetic and gorgeous. If only I could have one in my room. Rupa.

Awesome….Can I have it installed in my room ? Really really enjoyed the surround experience + especially enjoyed feeling the sounds as to normally just hearing them !! GOLD STAR.. Keep me informed. Joseph Fitton.

Sound as feel, nice and scary, keep it up and me informed.

It was an amazing experience knowing and working with you Kaffe. The bed is amazing. I can imagine visuals going with it too though- a projection on the ceiling? Keep in touch. Lisa.

Fill it with water and make a sonic pool.



Amazing as always. Thanks Kaffee – John.

Wow! thanks kaffe – Chris


just half a pint ?

i think that it was an amazing experance. i have never felt music like this before. i dident amangen it any thing like this.

My first impression is that of the normal flow of time being highly distorted- upon leaving the bed after hearing/feeling the piece I can’t tell how long I actually spent in the bed. My body feels slighly lighter and my experience of gravity is noticably different. During my stay in the bed, I felt as though partially asleep, but aware of my body more than usual. As the frequencies moved up and down my body, different sensations occured- especially when the bass resonated in my chest, I felt a strange up/down motion occuring. All in all I feel very relaxed, and ready to get back in the bed!

I’ve just been experiencing the piece made with the Sound Therapist. Amazing. i felt i was part of some Doctor Who experiment. the middle of the soles of my feet began to vibrate in this red hot way even though it seemed as if a lot of the bass was happening on the other side of the bed to me. The sound field felt huge and at times as if not much was happening, and this thrilling surge would charge up and down my body in volcanic waves. Imagine a two foot wide mole driving a new burrough under you…!

Why aren’t these beds installed somewhere useful like sports centres or shopping centres?

December 23rd 2006

Funny, the piece with the tabla is awesome and on the edge of being too much. It pummels you like the best Russian masseuese but just when you are at screaming point, it slips you into warm oil and the picture changes.

The effect of the smooth tone(?) piece is completely different. I mean , it works much more with space and your body, so that I felt wrapped and taken in and out of spaces growing above me and opening below me. Bass bass bass too worked up and down my body rather than pummellimng me. Yes, this felt like true Bass MUSIC. More please! Alan.

Absolutely amazing. Never experienced anything like this. Emma.

December 22nd 2006

GOOD VIBS. I had a lot of imagines running through my head. It’s a strong sensation between mind and body. Marco.

Q uite overwhelming ! Olivia Kersey. 9

Dear Kaffe, You are crap

Feels like ecstasy! It’s like pure emotion running through your whole body! Amazing.

Very awesome experience! Neely.

Absolutely out of this world ! Clair- IZ

Unusual Experience! Therese

Amazing ! and it kept feeling that the bed was moving! Was it ? Marianne

Very good but occasionally a bit tickely! Gemma, Bethnal Green.

I actually felt as if I was almost there – where?! – but “there” fast asleep. Loved the sensation of music vibrating around me and below. Well done! Muquaddas.

Brilliant stuff. Out of this world. Omar.

Wow! My body’s still shaking from hearing the music. When can you buy one of these at IKEA? It was amazing: seriously. I could have stayed there all day. Everyone should do this. Sh’lair.

A slightly different experinece every time….. and I am wondering if that’s also related to whatever state my body is in eacgh day. Fet completely enveloped by sound st some point today, in the way one can be completely covered in sunlight or something. very nice. Nari.

What an amazing experience to feel the music as well as hearing it. Surprisingly relaxing- I enjoyed the massage effect. Angela.

SIC ! Joe Zeitlin.

December 20th 2006

De-stresser extraordinaire-everyone should have a Sonic Bed at home and the world would be a happier place!

You have created a masterpiece of deep joy- all families should have one. A certain 2.5 year old was the most mesmerized!

love the bed! ultra relaxing. Particularly enjoyed the tum vibrations! I want one for myself. Rosie

Amazing , completely relaxing. The best de-stressing item ever! loved it, very clever and comfortable! Fizzy

December 19th 2006

My whole body is an ear, floating on a bed of sound. Great surfing!

Great experience, I’m glad I tried it, I was in my own world, loved the vibrations!

New experience, feel like my whole body listening, and whole imagination. You know what! If I had this bed at home, I will never get up for work…!!!

1st piece felt like the sound stopped when hitting my body-shock through it. Then moved on. 2nd piece felt as though the sound was coming from deep inside me outwards, forming perfect dome over the bed. Then a big change and incomfortable noise hitting me.

December 17th 2006

Great meditation bed-full of potential. Go for it!

A new sonic experience for me! I recommend it!

It was a transportation to another place- a full body massage in addition!

More please!

A full body ultra massage!

Sleeping in an ordinary bed will never feel the same again!!

A unique experience- at time it felt as through i was sinking into the bed at other times I felt like I was suspended in the air. It would be interesting to see what other sensations can be experienced with other types of music. Thank you.

Great experience. I’m surprised people are not queuing to try it! Thanks and good luck.

December 14th 2006

Definately an out of ordinary experience. Enjoyed.

I fell very relaxed, thank you.

It was eczactle like a rockit tackeing of. Joel

December 13th 2006

Amazing experience of varying vibrations, through the body-can’t say relaxing as you cannot anticipate what’s coming next. Brilliant concept and engineering. Richard

A wonderful piece of technical wizardry… relaxing but yet keeping you aware so didn’t miss what was coming next. Would remove tension and anxieties, a regular dose recommended for all those of a nervous disposition. Loved the section by the sea, and as far the end of the air-raid- sensational. A. M. Falconer

December 10th 2006

A great experience, this feeling of beeing “inside the music”-looking forward the “couvercle” of the bed.

Great concept, could have stayed there for hours, almost trance-like. incredible.

Weird at first, but very relaxing and feels good.

Unlike any other musical experience. Brilliant!

I would like one in my bedroom please, although fear I’d never leave it. Relaxing, therapeutic and funny.

Just wonderful

December 9th 2006


Feeling sound not just hearing it…

Breath taking giggles. Resonating bodies.

Wanted something less random and more rhythmic. Too much like an MRI seamer.

unexpected pleasure.

Love the “kick” of the sudder sounds.

How frequency stimulus- quite challenging!

A completely realised sense of sound travels. The realisation of half felt moments with music+sounds in their settings. Great work, thanks.

When and what do I feel? When do I know that I feel?

Thank you for starting my trip to India, your bed is like a concert, a spiritual massage and a whole artistic experience.

Great! Milo 6.5 months enjoyed it. Liked kicking on it and on his tummy!

Unsettling like floating and letting yourself go into sound waves.

Very relaxing with the sound vibrations providing a nice massage.

I know now what I would like for Xmas! A wonderful experience that I would like to do again sometime…Kaffe was very helpfull and a pleasure to talk too. Merry Christmas.

Very bizarre at first but enjoyable + relaxing. I’d love this to appear at Glastonbury! Thanks for having us.

A totally desorientating yet very grounding experience. thanks very much.

December 3rd 2006

Thought the vibrations might really freak my boyfriend out but it was much more mellow and relaxing.

A relaxing and “therapeutic” experience. Would have stayed all day if I could!

Fantastic way to feel music in a very direct, tangible way. Relaxing and stimulating. I may have nodded off at one point, is that okay?

Didn’t want to get out of bed! Really enjoyable experience. Loved the blend of music and vibrations experienced in such a relaxed environment.

Really heightens the experience of sound. Loved the sensation the vibrations leaving your body as levels dropped or shifted. Really interesting exciting work.

Loved the experience of feeling the music, sound through the whole body. A cool experience. Thanks.

Feel very good and massaged by sound, great way of becoming aware of every little cell in the body.

I wish, one day to feel it in a private space… was great experience , body and soul…definitly need to feel it naked. The dirty old man.


Like an isolation tank without the water or cheesy whale call. A great chilling installation.

A bed, a pool, a space for having a massage of your body, your mind and sometimes your soul. Thank you.

The bed was quite a good experience. It felt like a massage. Thanks.

December 2nd 2006

A powerful experience which carried a strong emotional charge. Thanks.

An extraordinary experience.

At first it was a bit unconfortable, cause its like a private bed at public space, but I really like it in the end, the vibration and tune surrounded me actually took me to a “sonic” experience…I can imagine in the bed. Thanks!

It was wonderful experience. Try it and see how the sound moves around your body. It’s how you would imagine but 100 x more intense.

December 1st 2006

Quite amazing. Good experience.

Both very much an affective experience and a tremendously thought-provoking one. Powerful stuff.

Wonderful..! thank you.

November 30th

St Hildas community centre- really enjoyed ourself, parents as well as the children ‘s we hope to come again, thank you.(Mahmuda)

Great to bring our families to a new (but local!) experience for them. Thanks. Tracy + Parvin

Unimaginable scales of space and sound. Reverberate my thinking, ideas rebound. I see steps to stars and journies in the future Yet to be revealed Sweet vibrations basslines wield You can taste the music feel the thinking I travelled so far in the space of blinking…

November 25th

Awesome experience- we could feel the music throughout our bodies. It transports you to another plane- almost seducing you to meditate. I feel relaxed and joyous!

Intense and scary.

It was sexy.

we like the massage effect-thanks


November 20th

Wonderful-worked as a piece of music as well as a physical experience.

quite hypnotic, surprisingly relaxing. would like a bed like this.

thank you. I imagine this could be therapeutic for people in institutions such as hospitals or jails as an escape or physical shock to the system.

On a podium in London/New York/Ibiza.

very cool, wierd but quite relaxing. might pop in for a regular chill out.

Alarming at first, but quickly relaxing, like an aural massage. like the tingle in my back.

I really enjoyed the experience in the bed. The visceral sensations in my body resembled some that I’ve felt during loud rock concerts, but without the accompanying deafering music at those concerts. A fascinating and novel way of experiencing music, and one that has great potential. I can imagine many routes forward from this, and I would love to compose music for the bed!

mmm…I just melted again.

I feel like I’ve just had a massage or hair cut or been pampered. very nice warm feeling.

It helped my dodgy neck. It really helped my back because it needed a massage. catherine age 6.

absolutely amazing. a literally “divine” experience. I am sure the vibration brought me close to God!

November 19th

cool stuff!!!

interesting: it’s a way to experience acoustic space or music as multidimentional space rather than linear time.

Really great! can i come every evening?

i really enjoy the whole idea of the project.

Truly great sensation! I visited in the daytime, but it got me thinking no lights, purple or aqua haze background, the sound of water with your acoustics a vibe!!wow! you can build on this project far out!!

Brilliant! the idea of making such a bed which makes another feel the music through the body.

I like the bed, its excellent, it is vibrating through your whole body.

It’s absolutly incredible.

wonderful experience!

an idea of taking the project further: -project a visual display above the bed -project a musically intense film/movie above the bed (such as Braveheart; Gladiator) to create the feelings of being part of the film or inside the film.

reminded me of flotation tanks plus the sound system at the end, it was a new experience to feel the sound more around.

November 18th

My car sound system is louder and with more vibrations than this! But its good!

It was such fun.

I enjoyed it very much!


Good sonic massage. Sublime moments of vibrations, instruments etc.

An inspiring aural experience, interupted by an unconfortable constant vibration around the right ear. great project. good luck!

a lie down and a massage. that’s what art should be about!

Funky experience, wish i had more time to try it.

Where can i get one?

very confortable + lovely massage. very much anticipation of the next big sound!

i like vibrating body bits

very interesting and enjoyable, could have been improved with visuals though or may be some conventional music?

enjoyed it so much the 1st time, come back for more

November 16th

i want one too! the way sound travels through the body it’s almost painful- maybe you could desolve people with it!!

I feel like my brain is leaking out of my eyes…in a good way of course!

Love it! better than any massage chair or sound system i’ve ever experienced

Really enjoyed it- found the light a little distracting -maybe something softer? will be back for more

Fantastic! i love the idea of the footstools, i really enjoyed the feeling of sound through my ankles.

Many of us forget that we feel sound as well as hear it… that struck me literally. thank you.

went to bed with some strangers + i feel my body is more toned now. Thank you.

thank you for giving sound the spotlight in bodily sensations.

Keep going! this is wonderful piece.

like body headphones.

November 15th 2006

Can i bring my dog next time? I think she’d loop out

would be good with visual aids to look at, clouds or someting!

November 10th 2006

great work, next version inside a waterbed please.

lovely to lie inside someone’s vision

absolutly bloody fantastic!!I love it.

wicked time.

Fabulous experience everyone should have the chance to try it! thank you

when I can buy one of these that would be amazing, but let’s not get too carried away with sales, it may lose the magic…an experience i’d be back for.

October 30th 2006

brilliant-feels like i’m moving + in a completly different dimension.

Listening with my whole body!xox

wicked, a completely moving experience!

spot on for relaxing

wow!!!!!! its like a meditative massage really spiritual and tranquil. thank you.

October 18th 2006

The world I have is quite futuristic, but very organic, like being on a planet without an atmosphere.


Machine sounds that you enjoy, but you are reminded that there are human beings there and they are all different.

I am the creator of that universe. I experience it as I am in it. Each person’s world will be different.