Open Day, Saturday 17th June 2006

Experienced a physical/aural harmony , where I had experienced aural and physical separately in many other ways but never in combination like this. Matt Lewis.

Thought it somehow manages to amplify and isolate an experience that is strangely familiar, but it is impossible to experience within its normal surroundings.

It was good to see the interface for the music for sonic bed on the laptop – it added an extra dimension to the whole thing. I found myself imagining little black dots circling my head, and pink circles blossoming beneath my arse.

Amazing experiences— loved the bed with my ears blocked with my fingers the chair was so physical & intense, , sally barker

Amazing, just like the music is inside your head, like a window into the mind of a person who suffers from auditory hallucinations It would be incredible to create a similar idea in a flotation tank. Fantastic interaction between people and the pieces, Rowan

Genius! It was great being the ‘Sound Master’ on the laptop. Matt from next door

In had the enjoyment of the sonic bed already in camperwell south e. w. gallery. Me and my friends we were lying in there and enjoyed every second the sound touched us. And 2day I could enjoy as well the exploration off your max patch in conjunction to the sonic bed. What a modern great idea. I also enjoyed this sound massage from your chair. Well done… XX. Linda from Brixton

Ohoo! Just lovely it was such an interesting journey. I really thought the bed was moving but apparently not. I am defiantly coming again x sally hampson

a cross between stepping into a ufo and taking a right in a bumper car. Having grown up as a cult kid it somehow reminded me of the 3 week long meditation intensives in the middle of the blue mountains on a bush property barely speaking to anyone the whole time, the cult was called clairevision and had a strong emphasis on sound throughout the meditations – although those specifics are an aside. I enjoyed both the combination of organ shaking low vibrations underneath as well the twittering circles. Thank U! Kernow

this was my third ride in the sonic bed and unique expierince of each piece has always created unique sensations in different parts of my body. This particular one was quite cheerful and made all my body sing. First it was the hole that drew my lower part deeper and deeper in the bed. Later it pulled my head off from my body making me think about how easy it would be to loose the head 😉 and then spinning sounds around the bed made me smile and cheer. Shivers I can still feel in my hands as blood rushes through my veins and I am much more aware of it. ilze black.