The secrets of danish oil applications and cherry wood

Kaffe, thanks for e mail, good to hear your happy with the job.

On the steps concern once you’ve put the two coats of oil on give it a lite sand to take out any small imperfections clean with cloth, damp with white spirit, to remove dust then re oil but this time give it only a very light oiling as apposed to the basic coats where you can be generous. This will give you the same finish as bed. The colour difference is due to the amount of light the material has been exposed to. The bed as a whole will all tone together with time, to a rich red colour.Once you have the baffles fitted (covered in fabric) if your not happy with the corner shadow detail in the corners between the baffels, then i can send down some fillet pieces. Thanks for sending cheque good luck. Will try and get down but work is mad at moment.

cheers Craig