Ballroom Marfa Team

Alicia Ritson who directed, negotiated, researched and co-ordinated all local and Transatlantic discussion with support at every turn.

Alexander Mills who directed the Bed build, driving us round to find the usable plywood, collected it, cut it, directed brothers Daniel and Martine to build the frame from SB plans as well as sanding miles of Plexi and torquing hundreds of screws both ways.

Jonathan Mergele who organised finances, essential snacks and entertainment.

Gory Smelley who installed the sound system offering valuable other ways to do it at midnight whilst carving out a special Texan power splitter box.

Vicente who fixed things just when you needed them and brought in the essential Mexico.

Fairfax Dorn who provided luxurious and welcoming hospitality.

JD DiFabbio who provided silent shoe inspiration and is now working without her fluoresent light so that Bed visitors are not further disturbed.

Robert Crowley lighting designer and dedicated electrical engineer and the first person to measure the power Bed draws at full throttle.

The curators, without whom none of this inspiring show would have happened.