Marfan Stucco

Surfaces in Marfa.

Stucco is a material combined with a binder and water used to coat surfaces such as walls and ceilings inside and out. Many of the smart new builds in Marfa are using traditional stucco techniques combining lime with cement and sand to cover their walls.

Adobe is the other traditional technique used here although this technique makes bricks rather than a smooth surface covering, and visibly its only the BBQ restaurant and Judd’s house that uses them. Adobe tends to be found further afield.

Fast build cheap homes more on the town’s fringes use fake wood-look chipboard polymers for their walls. To touch they’re like a plastic and to look at close, reminiscent of a stage set.

With a mass of sun tanned wind shaded rain textured plywood to be found, this presented itself as the absolute Marfan surface to make the Bed’s sides. Corrugated, iron, tin and plastics presented themselves as handsome applicants but are far too cold in feel for a Bed.