Taipei Bed Carpenters

carpenter Xi-Mu-Chen and his team miraculously built SB_Taipei in 2 days

and I never even got to meet them.

so far everyone else needs at least 2 weeks, and though a pretty questionable veneer, and sadly not a solid cherry cap as was agreed, the workmanship was fantastic.

a pity I never got to see these neat bars over Sub-Boxes (mdf made in fact, so they were a bit flabby, or was it just the new woofas running in? ).

e-mail contact over making was strange. dart and dash scenario, (we were very short of time), then quite a pause, then super scary photos of plywood and strange questions about what the numbers on the sent plans meant [ millimetres?] and then, wham, Bed was finished.

and sure enough i arrived and there it was, and i could install software and straight away,

it worked.