Taipei Bed Sound System

Some reconnections have to be made on the hook up and its a delight not to have to get under the mattress and reconnect everything myself. In fact I never even get to look under the mattress.

The sound system I had never heard of and it sounds a bit thin in the bottom, but then its new and needs running in. I’m optimistic.

Check too how the mids and tweeters have been installed. and yes they are a bit tinny, the tweeters lack definition, but overall the system matches itself, and in the end, the room.

I attempt to run 40Hz through woofers overnight but this is not allowed, and day time not possible as there are 14 other people all installing in the same space and we have x too few hours to complete, so hopefully a couple of weeks of show will imnprove things by the timie we get to making more music together next year.

I spend just one day in all tweaking levels and eqs on sound files to nest and bounce with the room.