Sonic Bench Audio

The Bench Audio system specified was to be the same as the Sonic Bed system but laid out as follows:

3 x sub woofers under the woven seat

3 x sub woofers behind the back,

6 x mids+tweeter units running along the top back shelf pointing upwards(ie. in a comfortable beneath ear position when sitter leaning back.)

The six amplifiers, MOTU ultralite sound card and MacMini computer running the compositions are installed inside the Bench.

However, the sub woofers finally acquired were ported which presented problems with the space available for their installation within the Bench and therefore optimum function.

We overcame this problem by replacing the 3 back subs with mid bass speakers, and rebuilding the inside of the Bench to drop the underseat subs low under the seat so giving them as much air space to vibrate in as possible.

This audio system will need adjustment with every development of the Bench Design.


Ever felt music vibrate through your back as it spins behind your shoulders and slides slowly down your thighs to your ankles?