Sonic Bench Malmö Installation

Site preparations

1. The Stapelbädden building will open late March 2011. The Sonic Bench is intended to be completed by the end of May 2011.

2. The renovation of the building took place in December 2010 and a hole was made through the roof to pass through the Bench’s audio, digital connection and power cables. The Bench yes is being installed on the building’s roof.

3. Building ventilation was also installed which included “boxes” being placed on the roof. The Bench placement will have to work with these therefore. See plans below.

4. The control center of the Bench will be inside the building so as to be easily accessible and also easily connectible to the sound studio for people working on new pieces for it.

Design and production

The design process and materials considered will involve a collaboration with Apokalyps Labotek. The design of the Bench will also be: –

  • vandal and theft proof, the sight is at times very empty
  • weather proof
  • is a horizontal platform required? The buildings roof slopes.
  • easy to maintain and repair if needed

Production of Bench is of course dependent on budget. Outside sponsors are now in discussion, both for material, alternative power sources and future life maintenance.