Monday January 2nd

The only thing that seems important, alive, is the present.
When I see back, or look or listen to past things, I am amazed at what I used to be able to do or where I was, and have no understanding of how I did it or would ever be able to do it again.
It’d be useful to have an organised catalogue of what I have done in immediately accessible filing cabinets all directly linked to each other via immediate super highways in the brain. Memory that could remember and remember and be with that context again.
Its not just catalogue training, more like ‘state’ training too.
Actually, this is probably a very bad idea. desensitizes the now.
Maybe this no memory is what allows the possiblity of absolute absorption and sensitivity to the present of course.
A new year, a Dreamtime gal.
a time of not knowing.
this is good.