Monday January 14th

After two years making multichannelled music to feel, I am back on a table working small but direct with physical instruments to make music. The Bed work is a stunning teaching in the experience of the human enjoyment of music. Working direct with the human body as map, as score, only adds to that learning. The amount we have covered reveals we have only just begun this work, but back on a table, with oh so fresh ears and a vibrating string box back under my hands, the life in this music is fabulous and I wonder how I have left it so long.

Tuesday January 1st 2008

I am humbled and tenderized: bashed back to animal by elements slapping
on the Isle of Skye for a week.
2008 feels calm and Hampstead Heath’s New Year’s Day huddles of arm in arm
perambulators strangely 18th century as we paddle through the organised mud
in herds, reassuringly chatting of the better things to come.
Spot a herd of Red Deer running the far side of a black heather covered valley
and you might think they were Velociraptors.