Thursday 14th February

Ok yes, I love your ears and souls oh audience and won’t put you through my feeble struggles.
Back to the practise room / VIetnam – oh teacher, where could you be ?
I will pink ball a performance of solo trumpet lines from “Men Being Butterflies” instead.

Tuesday 12th February

Admit it. Only one in every seven notes or so is really worth listening to.
Yes, back to that familiar struggle of the acoustic musican – the live player – the performer.
So much pleasure in the doing and sometimes so little in the listening back.
And with this sound system its brutal.
I am attempting to make music out of microtoanl bending and shaping of single plucked notes.
Each one should be diamond.

Monday 11th February

I am at GRM, Maison Radio, Paris, France on a week’s residency. They really look after me.
I work slowly and carefully with my dan-bau in the middle of a circle of eight big speakers.
The room is huge and comfortable, sounds fabulous and is full of acousmatic history.
I work with David’s pink ball interface, plucking then drawing a note around the room as I
shape its pitch en meme temps. It’s slow work, requires the accuracy of Bed composing,
but the labour rewards.