Monday May 22nd

they give you a choice of synthesized strings, whale song or something ambient.
i needed to do this in silence as of course once naked and in and the lid had slowly closed down sealing me into this soft warm blue goo that my body lay on quite obediently, everything got very noisy.
there was my heart and blood thud thud thud pump pump and the high pitched whine in the ears and images of Sigourney Weaver emerging from 3 million years in outerspace.
then my body felt like it was bending and contorting through some multidimensional magnetic field as tensions released over surfaces that weren’t there.
one hour is too short a session.

Thursday 13th May

i think i’m exhausted from the fan noise of the power supply.
Or is it that I have been playing 24hz into my shoulders for 2 minutes at a fff vibration level that causes this semi mulch sensation of bodily tissue.

Friday 12th May

i’m learning how to make shapes with sound. i mean really, in this pretty arduous scientific kind of way. it’s a several stage process and I need to be more disciplined (oi. hark at her!).
Years of running with the idea that emerges as I make I have to put aside to be able to complete the thing I am attempting to make first. The list of asides grows too fast.
Still as usual there is the added layer of when feeling the sound it makes something else.
A single sound increasing and decreasing in volume creates a growing mound sensation.
Play a sound next to it and the one nearest the ear dominates.
Play the same sound in a plane opposite it and the sound leaves its mound sensation and moves in a line back and forth across the bed.
Add in the neighbouring sound and the effect is increased changing the single line shape into a geometric pattern.
This is the way to make a lattice effect over the body.
(or, are these ideas just impossible and again its the imagination driving what ends up being days of wasted time?)

Tuesday May 2nd

possible outlets for Sonic Bed.
Healing Music: everyone comments on feeling so relaxed after a ride
Sleeping Music: 4 out of 5 people who lie on bed for more than 10 minutes will fall asleep.
Sex therapy : certain frequencies cause sensations similar to orgasm. When played all over the body at the same time, the effect is startling.
Dietary Aid: certain frequencies played under the top of the back causes the heart rate to increase and therefore metabolism.