Wednesday 13th September

It’s all so obvious.
We talk, we play, I move his sounds in the Bed as he plays.
The duetting is very close and precise. We are super focussed
with our time and productive. We are working in new arenas
for both of us with such trust and we don’t know where we will end up.

Tuesday 12th September

No time to waste. Bed is unpacked and installed in the main space at Rich Mix
looking onto Bethnal Green Road. We are about to begin 5 months of working in
a truly open studio : open to to look into and out of, and open for anyone to enter.
Shri arrives this afternoon to begin our collaboration to make a new work.
He plays instruments.
How will I handle these in the Bed ?

Monday 11th September

We are angry. Bed comes back from ARS on time but damaged. After all that
careful packing for the trip out and then such high standards of skill
and care by the technicians at the OK Centrum, its extremely disappointing
that the pack up for the way home somehow fell short. Only one thin layer of bubble
wrap around the polished ends, again, packed into a huge container lorry which
bumped its way back here, the flimsy packing torn to shreds on arrival.