Monday 30th August 2010

I am designing an outdoor Sonic Bath for star gazing. The aim is to create a totally encompassing sensation of earthbound physicality whilst considering the timeless magnificence of space. Expect some version of this in a Scottish forest as part of the Am Bothan_The Bothy project with Mandy McIntosh, 2011.

Wednesday 25th August 2010

Fantastic news. Pauline Oliveros is happy for me to make a Bed version of her I of IV work, and Eliane Radigue of the second piece in Trilogy de la Mort.
As you know (?check Lab Nine?) Sonic Bed_Marfa is pretty much permanently installed at Issue Project Room in New York, and I was there in July showing NYC composers how to make pieces for it. So now we have a team of Bed Guardians, meaning that, amongst other things, I can lie in our lab Bed here in London, make the work, upload it, and the BG’s can install it.
Only disappointment of course is that I can’t hear Eliane and Pauline’s concerts there at end of September, but audience, this could be a good one. Pauline and Eliane’s music for listening and feeling.