Saturday 5th July

How much have I changed the light in this image to see the colours I want to see ?
And what did my sweating neighbour see as we stood and stared and moved closer
and farther away in the silence except for delicious fluro humming of the Texan afternoon?

Thursday 3rd July

We have come over to Ojinaga in Mexico to find fabric for the Bed covers.
There’s little choice and nothing thats useful on that score but the difference
in colour of surface and visible poverty impresses.

Tuesday 1st July

Imagine Bauhaus meets the Shining meets Eyes Wide Shut in deepest South West Texas.
Well I am there. A huge and spacious, black stone floored apartment, (park sized by London
standards), stunning design, discrete art, luxurious kitchen and bathroom appliances and a
white bed the size of a tennis court. All alone. Good lord. What luck.
Pretty bloomin’ scary though at 3am having to run the length of the corridor to switch off the
light post my beautiful hosts perfect organic welcome dinner and departure.

Monday 30th June

I was not ready for this.
Clear dry heat, mountains,
cracklingly quiet space and skies of blue that unfurl endless over goddam straight horizons Ma’am.
I have landed in El Paso and am driving the three hours to Marfa alone.
And then the light goes.