Monday 20th June

This visitor has something to smile about. Even though café noise upstairs gets intense at resting times, Omnht now really performs. Proof. The physics is correct and the bass cabinets do need to be built like this. This change of subs has also caused me to remix and I’m learning again what can be done with stereo. Undulating vibrations slide sinusoidal underneath and horizontal and vertical ellipses of corkscrew highs over me. I call Eliane. Sadly she has been too sick through most of the fest to come try either Bed, so I attempt to tell her what’s going on. She is delighted, and proposes that from now on Omnht be performed by a Bed. Nice. Sub box perversion had a purpose.

Friday 17th June

I am heading to Essex to collect the stored Sonic Bed_London v.o. subs. Sonic Bed_Scotland’s install on Monday answered the mysterious sensation that that Bed’s bass end had never really performed before. Subs and amps top tech spec… curious. Answer; turn over the boxes and it was revealed that the Scottish maker had lifted the floor of the cabinet by 11cm so reducing box’s internal air space thus cancelling any possibility of sub. AH.!@*****^*!!. Today is the 1st moment I have to do anything about it, but hey, great to have chance be able to do a real test of the physics.

Monday June 13th

Sonic Bed_Scotland install at Rich Mix. The last time I was here was for six months, 2006/7 in the early days of movement and frequency exploration for composition with SB_London. This is now 4 years and 5 Beds later and this Radigue work, Omnht (1970), is one of her early tape feedback works. It veritably throbs next to yesterday’s install of Transamorem_transmortem but again needs to be quiet, and with the café now moved up the stairs from the Bed here its not an ideal location. I suggest the café run a ..” come and have your lunch in silence hour”, but its enough apparently to get the super bad radio turned off.

Saturday June 11th 2011

Today began the installation work for the upcoming TRIPTYCH:RADIGUE festival with Sonic Bed_London install at Watermans. DETAILS. Revisiting the stereo landscape within the Bed and through the body with Eliane’s work is intriguing. Kailasha in SB_Marfa at ISSUE in October was sensuous. Transamorem_transmortem here now is delicate yet it creates a space of absolute stasis. Time stands utterly still and the surface beneath is a flat plain.

Wednesday 1st June

We are installed. Sonic Bed_Marfa ‘s music spreads a greater sensitivity of bass vibration with the new firm mattress. We open tomorrow, and apart from how to solve dirty summer feet climbing in and out for the next month, ready for the World Science Festival 2011.