Tuesday 14th March

ok yes, so i was thinking that as i am deep in musicforbodies land and not performing, that this last year booked upcoming Mex show would be more of an installation performance using the bed software rather than a live playing beast. but david’s work has produced this beast that plays a treat. I drive LiSa through it and am leaping in possible sound territories i’ve wanted to craft through for ages.

Saturday 11th March

do coffee with David at the new café that plays unreleased serbian rock music and has an out of London suburban feeling (Reading?). a pleasant relief from the the new urban wealth that swarms over the Broadway on saturdays and phew warm inside.
i propose the 6 channel version of the bed software idea for the mexico show and we plan how to do it. yip. at last a multichannelled instrument not based on stereo.

Thursday March 9th

swinging into Hoxton St, pumping thighs pumping riding fastest to the pod for fish dinner and
bang, it hits me.
the whole street went translucent and i’m slammed by a ‘this is it’ as clear and static as a glass bubble moment.
this is all it is.
that woman with her kid and that man with his chips and this bend and bump in the road
this is all it is.

Tuesday 7th March

i’m having the best time preparing for the Mexico show.
today they sent jpegs of the venue so i’m planning to do this