Saturday September 20th 2008

In Marfa now for three days and still no Bed completed let alone installed and ready
for music completion work. Ah. We open in seven days. The Gallery also has to have
hardest/loudest resonant reverb I have ever worked in and the 24hr activity escalates daily. The
good news is that the sun shines ceaselessly, this has to be one of the best teams to work within,
and the found solutions create new discoveries at every turn. eg. check this floor.

Monday September 2nd 2008

I am perplexed by language.
Perspex is the material we use here and Hamar Acrylics on Bethnal Green Road,
i.e. just across the park, are the local experts with brilliant advice; even taking me
up to the workshop to experience the intoxicating chemicals and traffic mix
combined with simply hot and sweaty labour to make startlingly solid pieces of colour
from many thin layers invisibly glued.
YES. This is just how I want to realise that surface frame, a clear yellow resin of light
capping Marfa Bed. Excited Skype conferences to Texas follow, today crashing in disappointment.
Overseas, they just can’t do this.