Friday 12th May

i’m learning how to make shapes with sound. i mean really, in this pretty arduous scientific kind of way. it’s a several stage process and I need to be more disciplined (oi. hark at her!).
Years of running with the idea that emerges as I make I have to put aside to be able to complete the thing I am attempting to make first. The list of asides grows too fast.
Still as usual there is the added layer of when feeling the sound it makes something else.
A single sound increasing and decreasing in volume creates a growing mound sensation.
Play a sound next to it and the one nearest the ear dominates.
Play the same sound in a plane opposite it and the sound leaves its mound sensation and moves in a line back and forth across the bed.
Add in the neighbouring sound and the effect is increased changing the single line shape into a geometric pattern.
This is the way to make a lattice effect over the body.
(or, are these ideas just impossible and again its the imagination driving what ends up being days of wasted time?)