Saturday 28th June

Open the portal from a world of fast moving straight lined digital connections to a
shifting organic landscape, a bubble of Mahleresque passion slowly brewing in the
distance, that comes closer, that gradually + subliminally spins up a storm which
suddenly busts into space and spins us round and round – whoops of delight in the
distance from… was that people yelling hilarious?!…… the sea crashing and bashing,
surging us forwards + backwards and up and down the room and lashing us thick with
candlyfloss phwsoosh! …….driving us to this place where a beat thumped in and we
pounded on and on and were spun, whipped fast in a thumping tumble dryer, transported
to a rattling weeeahhhhhhh softy cloud of strings that held us suspended in the softest angel
held harness u could imagine.. before, ah, silence.
[Kaffes’ multi-channelled experiment in Brooklyn at the wonderful ISSUE PROJECT ROOM, audience present.]