Monday 30th August 2010

I am designing an outdoor Sonic Bath for star gazing. The aim is to create a totally encompassing sensation of earthbound physicality whilst considering the timeless magnificence of space. Expect some version of this in a Scottish forest as part of the Am Bothan_The Bothy project with Mandy McIntosh, 2011.

Wednesday 25th August 2010

Fantastic news. Pauline Oliveros is happy for me to make a Bed version of her I of IV work, and Eliane Radigue of the second piece in Trilogy de la Mort.
As you know (?check Lab Nine?) Sonic Bed_Marfa is pretty much permanently installed at Issue Project Room in New York, and I was there in July showing NYC composers how to make pieces for it. So now we have a team of Bed Guardians, meaning that, amongst other things, I can lie in our lab Bed here in London, make the work, upload it, and the BG’s can install it.
Only disappointment of course is that I can’t hear Eliane and Pauline’s concerts there at end of September, but audience, this could be a good one. Pauline and Eliane’s music for listening and feeling.

Saturday 24th April

We will not be defeated by a volcano! ( Did you know that the biggest volcano on earth is Yellowstone Park? That whole park is in fact a crater ! )
We link in with Oboro for a remote opening from Sonic Bed_London in music for bodies studio to Sonic Bed_Quebec, opening in Montreal in 10 minutes.
Rickie and I have made contact, and for the first time, two of the beds meet. Lets see what the different visitors have to say to each other. Melt Inevitable, work made for SB_Q in 2007 plays both ends as well as works by Magali Babin and John Oswald and Georges Azzari.

Tuesday 26th May 2009

Our local park explorations now conclude at Haggerston Park as the optimum Hackney site
in which to install the new weather and vandal proof Sonic Bench. Our aim is for it to be researched,
designed and built in consultation and collaboration with local communities over the next year.
So far good news: meetings with Park authorities very encouraging.

Thursday April 23rd 2009

I am just back on dry land after a week underwater with sharks. I feel totally weird and long to be
suspended in the big blue again. I am trying to land by considering earthly and butt based vibrations,
i.e. the outdoor Sonic Benches for London plan. I like this design by Angelo Puccio.
It’s sociable and singular and he’s using metal.
Interesting. Now, to soften it,, ?

Friday 3rd April 2009

Park life research continues. Here in Haggerston its much quieter, and walled and
almost sedate. A little sun and London Fields park is an overcrowded festival site.
That’s got to be trouble right?.